Term Of Agreement Vertaling

This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Netherlands law, and the Dutch courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to rule on disputes arising out of this Treaty; Always a reason for confusion: the use of the English word is terminated when it comes to terminating a contract under Dutch law. It`s just the other person`s way of interpreting the word. Two of my master`s students gave a lecture in English, it was about the fact that a supplier of bio-raw materials had terminated a contract for no apparent reason. The question put by the client, an organic food producer, to his lawyer was whether this was possible, especially since that producer could no longer fulfil his obligations towards his customers. Finito informs Mr. groot the legal cooling-off period which gives it the right to terminate its settlement agreement without justification within fourteen days of the date of obtaining this agreement. It may do so by sending a written statement to the employer. Mr de Groot therefore has the right to revoke his decision to accept that agreement within that period. A regular final statement is made within one month of the date of termination. These include the payment of accumulated vacation pay, any accrued vacation days that have not been used on the termination date, as well as the proportional year-end bonus. – the parties sign this settlement agreement, in accordance with Article 7:900 and in accordance with the Dutch Civil Code, in order to avoid any uncertainty or dispute after legal consultation and careful balancing.

Mr. De Groot was supported by De Graauw Legal; 2. When Mr. de Groot accepts employment elsewhere before the termination date, but no earlier than March 1, 2018, the employment contract terminates by mutual agreement, by way of derogation from section 1.1, on the earlier date on which his employment begins with the new employer (the “new termination date”). In this case, half of the remaining salary, including vacation pay and the year-end bonus for the period between the new termination date and the termination date of section 1.1, is added to the severance pay. The employer`s obligation to pay wages ends with the new termination date. All other terms of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect. If this provision applies, the new termination date replaces the date of termination of the agreement. Mr de Groot is obliged to inform Finito within two working days of accepting another job within that period.

Until the date of termination, Mr. de Groot received his usual salary and remuneration. Until March 1, 2018, Mr. de Groot will continue to work as usual and will take care of a correct delivery of the work. From 1 March 2018 until the date of termination, Mr de Groot is completely exempt from work and the obligation to appear at work. During this exemption period, no replacement subsidies and travel expenses are due and no new days off are due….

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