Technical Consultant Agreement Template

This agreement exists between the following parties: PandaTip: Do you have to send a consulting contract for technical services to a new customer? Then this model is exactly for you! To get started, simply fill in the contract information via the menu on the right. In addition, the Client undertakes to reimburse the Consultant for any additional costs incurred by the Consultant in the execution of this Agreement, including travel and expenses previously approved. This agreement will begin at [Agreement.StartDate] and will continue for a period of [agreement. Months]. The consulting contract contains provisions relating to confidentiality. These conditions help prevent an advisor from disclosing sensitive documents about the client or company, such as trade secrets, customer lists, marketing campaigns and more, for a certain period of time. The parties listed above (known as “Consultant” and “Client”) agree to establish a business relationship in which the Advisor provides technical services in return for payment made by the Client in accordance with the terms of the Agreement. PandaTip: Contract law varies greatly between jurisdictions. We advise you to have any contract (including this template) checked by a lawyer before having a client signed. The Client agrees to exempt and indemnify the Advisor from any legal action or damage related to the services provided under this Agreement. These are also prohibitions of debauchery and non-competition, preventing the advisor from competing unfairly or asking the client for business. The Advisor agrees that all work and creations resulting from work performed under this Technical Services Consulting Agreement are the intellectual property of the Client and undertakes not to claim the intellectual property resulting from the Services provided under this Agreement. This Agreement represents the entirety of the terms and conditions between the Consultant and the Client with respect to the services described therein.

Any addition or modification of this Agreement is subject to the written agreement of both parties. PandaTipp: If you want to offer an hourly rate instead of a package, you can simply change the price table in this template to reflect that. A consultant, also called a freelancer or contractor, is a company or individual who provides a client or company with professional services or advice for remuneration. A consultant usually specializes in a particular sector or sector, such as marketing, human resources, engineering, etc. .

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