Xm Ib Agreement

Before registering with XM as an introductory broker (IB program), you should read the introducing broker agreement carefully, as you may not get paid at all. Why did such a broker enter into agreements? Too bad. They need to get into their platform to make money, not for you to make them rub shoulders. For those who have nothing to do with Forex, it can be a bit difficult, but for those who trade Forex, I think it is one of the most promising methods among existing affiliates as it is the easiest and highest reward that can be obtained. Not to mention, I think it`s a waste of opportunity not to participate in this XM partner program if you`re currently trading in XM. XM provides its official partners with all the necessary training materials on various products. If you have no experience trading or trading other companies, you can actually create an account in XM and try to manage it a bit. XM values partners and provides them with all the tools they need for a successful and professional business. You don`t need special licenses or permissions – XM provides you with everything you need: tools, products, and knowledge. “Your commissions will be paid to you and sent to you within thirty (30) calendar days of the end of each calendar month, except that if the total amount owed to you is less than $500, the balance will be transferred and added to your commissions for the following month until the total amount is greater than $500. In the event that the balance transferred to your online marketing affiliate account is not $500 within a consecutive period of three (3) months, the amount due will be cancelled and cancelled, and we may terminate this Agreement with immediate effect by notifying you in writing. “And if someone has to deposit more than $5 into a standard account, it`s possible when everything is said, it sums it all up. There are no fees and you don`t have to pay for it, even if you get a reward.

However, if you work with XM through this website, you can win very competitive prizes of up to $10 per lot. The introduction of brokers helps to increase efficiency and reduce the workload of futures commission traders. The agreement allows for a specialization where IB focuses on the customer, while FCM focuses on field operations. XM Broker provides a personal account manager for IBs This type of domain is displayed on the Internet in rare cases, it is considered a problem when a certain amount of commission is generated, so it is difficult to deny the risk of penalties such as account freezing, etc., so you need to be careful. When the size of the website like the affiliate blog gets big, domain changes become difficult, so if you are an XM partner who has the appropriate introductory page, please change the domain as soon as possible. As they say, the program is ideal for website owners. They offer up to $10 per lot for referred clients and 10% for other introducing brokers you have referred to them. .

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