Weight Loss Challenge Agreement

The only measure permitted for non-payment of weight gain and absence fees is the exclusion of the Challenge; Members may not insert or prosecute participants (or former participants). C. Herbalife has taken appropriate security measures to protect personal data on the WLC website from accidental or accidental destruction, tampering, disclosure or unauthorized access. Any changes to WLC`s website, including Herbalife`s rules, regulations, policies and procedures, will not result in a significant reduction in the level of privacy protection you have introduced or collected through the WLC website. D. You understand that Herbalife may be required to provide personal data to third parties in order to generate the required functionality of the WLC website. These third parties are required to meet, for the most part, the same obligations as Herbalife under this agreement. You are involved in this transfer of personal data and have assured the consent of your participants in these transfers. If you or a customer withdraws your consent or initial consent, you will notify Herbalife so that we can take steps to limit the disclosure of this personal customer`s information. You can inform Herbalife by contacting us at 866-866-4744, 800 West Olympic Blvd., Suite 406, Los Angeles, CA 90015 or privacy@herbalife.com.

You understand and accept that you will be held liable for any violation of this presentation and that you fully compensate Herbalife for any violation of the Data Protection Act if Herbalife suffers damages or losses, including legal fees and fees. Weight Gain Fee: Members can charge a weight gain fee of $1 per pound for weight gained since a participant`s last recorded weigh-in. D. You accept Herbalife and the service providers, who assist the WLC website to be free of and against all debts, losses, damages, costs and expenses, including, but not limited, the fees and legal fees (cumulative “losses”) that Herbalife or its service providers or licensees may arise as a result of actions, lawsuits, claims or proceedings, in any form, by third parties, arising from (i) any allegation that (a) the trademarks that are used by them violate the rights of third-party trademarks; (b) the content you provide violates intellectual property rights or privacy or advertising rights; (c) any content that you make available to a person who uses the WLC website contains material that is inconvenient, defamatory, defamatory, offensive, threatening or obscene; or (d) you were not allowed to pass on information to Herbalife or otherwise violate privacy policies; (ii) your RMC; (iii) false statements, misrepresentations or inaccurate information that you have passed on to third parties regarding the RMC website; and (iv) any violation of the law by you or by people under your control.

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