Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement Canada

An NDA is a great solution. It legally prevents your volunteers from disclosing confidential details, either during occasional interviews or for commercial purposes. As an added bonus, it lets your volunteers know how sensitive certain information is, so they can be more aware and cautious. A breach of this Confidentiality Agreement may result in immediate termination. A confidentiality agreement or NDA is a legal contract in which a person agrees not to disclose or discuss certain information. Topics vary by situation, but may include confidential data, financial details, or proprietary information. NDAs are often used to protect sensitive details exchanged in a business relationship, but they can also be useful in a non-profit environment. List the information protected by the confidentiality agreement, for example. B donor names, contact information, donation amounts, financial account numbers and all information contained in an employee`s file. Explain exactly how the volunteer can use the information.

They may allow volunteers to personally share donor names, but only with certain employees. Your NDA should also outline the consequences of a breach of contract, including fines, attorneys` fees, and the permanent ban on your nonprofit`s activities. Specify the start and end date of the agreement. By taking the time to write an NDA tailored to your organization, you can keep confidential data safe and give valuable advice to your volunteers. Signature: _______ ____ As a volunteer, I acknowledge that I will participate in confidential conversations and receive confidential information regarding the Department of Alumni Affairs and Development, including, but not limited to, alumni and donor personal information. All such information, which has been reported in writing as confidential at the time of disclosure or which is reported in writing as confidential within thirty (30) days of the unwritten disclosure or which should reasonably be classified as confidential, is “information” under this Agreement. . . .

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