Stanford University Indirect Cost Rate Agreement

*The stanford affiliate rate for Stanford`s external affiliate clients/users for fiscal year 2021 and 2022 remains at 8% of the total direct cost of service centers, cores/common facilities in departments, schools, laboratories, institutes, and centers. Stanford`s affiliate rate does not apply to the Veterinary Service Center (VSC). Use published VSC rates for external users of the Veterinary Service Center. 4. What is Facility & Administrative (R&A) Costs in Assisted Projects Grants and Contracts? The discontinuation of indirect (R&A) coverage in accordance with the terms of this directive does not waive university infrastructure fees, which are levied on limited dollar expenditures for projects not funded by the federal government. Stanford`s ancillary benefit rates are set out in point 2 CFR 200., “Negotiated fixed rates and carry-forward provisions,” which provide for the negotiation of fixed rates in advance for a fiscal year. What are Facilities and Administrative (M&A) costs? STUDENT ADMINISTRATION AND SERVICES, including fees related to the management of student affairs and student services, including expenses related to activities such as the Dean of Students, Admissions, Registrar, Orientation and Placement Services, Study Advisors, Student Health Services, etc. In recent years, the share of institutional support provided by universities and universities to support their faculty research has grown faster than in any other sector.

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