Software License Agreement Translation

4 For a discussion on the style in the legal translation see also Gémar (2006). 21 One of the most important terminology problems in translation is that TL may lack an appropriate set of etymological and semantic words. Thus, the following example introduces several technical terms that have particular significance within the U.S. legal system: Contratto di licenza d`uso software della QBGROUP [IT-5] To the extent that current legislation allows, One Hour Translation Inc. or its suppliers are in no way responsible for any particular damages, secondary, indirect or consequential (including, but not limited, for loss of profits, loss of data or other information, for service interruptions, personal injury, loss of privacy resulting from or in any way related to the use or inability to use the application, softwaredritter Software and/or third-party hardware used with the application, or in some other way related to a provision of the Agreement) , even if One Hour Translation Inc or a supplier has been informed of the possibility of such damage and even if the remedy is not filled. (c) the user enters into a specific and individual agreement with memoQ Ltd. and the agreement sets an expiration date; 10The issue of comparability is particularly complex in this case. Given the quasi-monopoly of some companies in certain industries, the possibility of finding eULAs in Italian, which relate to exactly the same products, is reduced. However, the texts contained are all licensing agreements between a software company and its end-users. The documents reviewed are clearly not a comprehensive body of work, but can be used for a preliminary study of this specific type of text. The data collected were coded and analyzed with QDA Miner Lite using a qualitative approach based on their macrostructureal characteristics and microlinguistic characteristics. Validity without signature: This license agreement is valid without the express signature of one of the parties. 38The analysis of the English chords and their translations reveals some obvious differences that are often the result of pragmatic needs.

This happens z.B. in the first part of Microsoft`s agreement: 46.

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