Shoreline Community College Transfer Agreement

The Office of Admissions Transfer-Credit awards students who wish to obtain a first bachelor`s degree, in accordance with the guidelines we are debating. Admissions reserves the right to accept or refuse credits acquired at other higher education institutions. As a general rule, it is the university`s policy to accept credits obtained from institutions fully accredited by its Regional Association for the Accreditation of Colleges and Universities, provided that these credits have been obtained through university-level courses corresponding to the university track of the University of Washington (UW). Exceptions are indicated within the notable limits for transfer credits and courses that do not receive credit. The Applied Science Transfer (AAS-T) is a two-year vocational training diploma. They prepare students for immediate employment. It may contain at least 20 general education points that can be transferred. These degrees are only transferred to: reverse-conventions allow students to acquire their Associate Degrees after joining the Washington Baccalaureate institutions. Courses acquired at a bachelor`s institution may be transferred to the Community College to complete the Associate Degree. The addition of an associate degree helps students build their resumes and document applicable professional qualifications and offers the benefits of an associated arts degree under the direct transfer agreement. After an accredited student has paid the registration and orientation fee for new students and just before the student`s orientation and orientation session, the admissions office concludes an assessment of the transfer points.

The military course is not included in the transfer surrogacy and transfer-credit is only awarded after the student has enrolled in the UW. A school recognized by the Department of Education is evaluated differently: for one year of study, transfer credits do not exceed one year. University and university loans outside the United States are typically granted for up to 45 quarterly loans for each completed year. Semi-annual credits outside the U.S. cannot be calculated in the same way as U.S. semi-annual credits. Example: a student who has earned 30 semester points receives 45 quarterly points in the transfer to the UW. Regardless of your transfer degree, Shoreline has over 40 pre-majors with courses that give you a taste of your future university studies while meeting general education requirements. Official military transcripts (Joint Services Transscripts) must be submitted to the accrediting body for evaluation.

Course work recommended by the American Council on Education (ACE) for lower- or higher-level university credits are considered for transfer, provided the course work applies to the student`s program of study at UW. . . .

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