Separation Agreement Alberta Common Law

There is a general directive that has been in Alberta for 3 years, but it is not black and white. Here too, it`s much more complicated than the time you lived together in the same house. The separation date must also be calculated, which can be very complicated. Please note that we have not recorded a period. For one reason or another, people think that the time that is lived together is the most important. If you live together for six months, you are a customary law. Some think it`s 1 year; Others think it`s been three years. How you live together is much more important. Common law separation lawyers can help you deal with the legal consequences of ending your relationship. Davidson Fraese has helped hundreds of people in this process. This article talks about some of the main issues that may arise, but for a free consultation, call (403) 460-1230 or contact us online. Our experienced lawyers in Calgary can help you rebuild your life.

Lawyers are often mandated to draw up a concubine`s contract. They will take care of family allowances or the division of property. You can explain your rights under the Spouses` Property Act or the Family Property Act. Instead of calling us, you can fill out the form on the page of this page. A family lawyer will call or email you for a free 15-minute consultation. The common law is a well-known term used to describe two people who live together in a conjugal relationship, but who are not really legally married. In Alberta, the term common law is not legally recognized by the courts and the term adult interdependente relationship is instead used in court proceedings. If you realize that your common law relationship is falling apart, give us a call. .

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