Raymond Nh Collective Bargaining Agreement

Thus, McCoy said, the issue the union wants to arbitrate is not “distressed” under the collective agreement between the REA and the District. The borough`s response not only indicates that it responds to the union`s accusations that the collective agreement excludes “non-renewals of education” from the definition of “discipline” and is also governed by RSA 189; At the time of the non-prolongation, Blum had not yet completed five consecutive years of apprenticeship with Raymond and “was therefore not entitled to obtain the reasons for his non-extension or to request a hearing before the Ministry of Education on the basis of RSA 189:14-a;… As the association`s construction manager, Ms. Belanger and Vice-Chancellor (Laura) Yacek had no conflict with Blum, “and her non-renewal is due to concerns related to her “loss of work and learning performance”. The school district`s complaint concludes that the complaint arising from Blum`s non-renewal is not the subject of arbitration proceedings and the Arbitrat`s REA TENTATIVE is contrary to RSA 273-A:5, II (d), (f) and (g). McCoy said earlier that the issue the union wants to move on was not “distressed” under the collective agreement between the REA and the District. The collective agreement for the period from 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2018 states in Article VIII, Section B, paragraph 5: “For members of the tariff unit, the discipline covered in this article is not intended to cover discharge or non-renewal which… RSA 189. McCoy said Blum`s non-extension had nothing to do with a reduction in strength. “In short,” McCoy said, “the topic the REA wants to convey is not “difficult” in accordance with the collective agreement between the REA and the District. Blum had no mandate; The teachers were arrested at Raymond after five full years of learning.

Blum was a replacement for Raymond in 2012 and the borough said she was hired as a part-time teacher in 2013 and later became a full-time teacher. Since 2016, she has been a trade union delegate. On August 24, the school district filed its complaint about unfair labour practices asking the REA to stop and attempt to arbitrate a complaint arising from Blum`s non-extension. The borough argued that the subject was not “painful” in the collective agreement with the union. The complaint states that, in these circumstances, such employment and the granting of employment to Blum are “a prohibited object of negotiation”. Nea-NH Local associations in the western region played very well in last night`s elections, particularly in Newport, where educators saw their efforts successful, their three-year contract expiring after years of work under an expired agreement. Grantham Education Association – 3 years of CBA Fall Mountain Educational Support Staff – 3 years At meetings and elections, NH-affiliated nea associations in the eastern region had nine agreements that were ratified by voters. Barrington Education Association Freedom Education Association Gov Wentworth Education Association Gov Wentworth Association for Education Northwood Educational Support Staff Nottingham Paraprofessionals Education Association at Rollinsford Association Tamworth Educational Support Professional Wakefield Paraprofesionals Union Downes added: “It is our position that the District presents the complaint we have filed incorrectly. They say that we filed the complaint because it was not renewed, so we cannot take the complaint to arbitration.

In fact, we filed the complaint because the borough did not properly assess it, which led to his resignation.

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