Amazon Merchant Agreements

11.8 Full agreement. This agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties regarding the purpose of this Agreement and replaces and cancels all pre- and simultaneous agreements, claims, assurances and agreements reached by the parties under the purpose of this agreement. “Amazon Pay Balance” refers to the value issued by us or by a third party that is referred to by our brand, the value issued by us or by a third party, in order to allow customers to use such a value account/payment instrument stored to purchase goods and/or services from merchants (who have a specific contract with us to accept a registered account/payment instrument). 8.2 Stamps. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and if your commercial account is in good condition, we grant you a non-exclusive account, non-negotiable, unsealed, revocable right for use of “Amazon,” “Amazon Payments,” “Advanced Payments API,” “Pay with Amazon,” “Amazon Pay” and other related designs, graphics, logos, page titles, button icons, scripts and service names (together “brands”) that we start only in accordance with our brand policies and other documents that we can make available in time. You cannot use the trademarks unless this is allowed and those rights are not under-licensed or otherwise do not allow a party to use the trademarks. You recognize that we and our related companies are the sole owners of the trademarks and you agree not to do anything that is incompatible with this property. All goods or funds that result from your use of trademarks will benefit exclusively from us and our related companies. Our brands and affiliate brands should not be used in relation to products or services that are not with us, in a way that may lead to confusion, or in a way that denigrates or discredits our related companies. We can revoke your license at any time. At the end or expiry of this agreement, you will stop using the marks immediately. All other trademarks that are not in our possession and that appear on the website or in the central seller or in connection with the Service are the property of their respective owners who may or may not be related to us. We and our affiliates cannot use your name, logo, service name or trademarks that you have designated only as necessary to provide the service in accordance with our specifications and other policies (including, but not only the co-branding sites used to process orders).

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